Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Battling cancer is an extremely stressful time, and the hair loss that often comes with chemotherapy makes that time even more stressful. Many fear losing their hair the most when it comes to chemotherapy. Continue reading to learn more about how chemotherapy can influence hair loss.


Chemotherapy  is the use of drugs to treat many different types of cancers. While radiation destroys cancer cells in a certain part of the body, chemo can work throughout the body. Chemotherapy can either completely kill cancer cells or prolong life expectancy.

The dosage of the drugs and the length of treatment depends on the type and severity of the cancer. It is common for those who need more than one chemotherapy session to give a time period to rest to allow their body to rest and adjust to the treatment.

Hair Loss, A Side Effect of Chemotherapy 

There are many side effects associated with chemotherapy treatment. For many patients, the most concerning is hair loss.

Patients lose their hair during chemotherapy because the drugs target all dividing cells — including healthy hair cells. This causes the hair on the scalp and other parts of the body to become brittle and fall out. Hair usually grows back after treatment.

Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

If you are experiencing a loss of self esteem as a result of losing hair during chemotherapy treatment, you have options:

  • Cold Cap. If you don’t need the medication to reach your scalp, you can wear a cold cap to reduce or prevent hair loss.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation services — Team Micro, for example — can tattoo your scalp to make it look like you recently shaved your head!
  • Wigs. Many cancer patients turn to wigs to give them added confidence during their treatment.

Every option has its different perks and disadvantages. But needless to say, you have options!

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