Illinois Marijuana Possession Laws

The severity of the offense and legal consequences for Marijuana possession under Illinois law escalates as the amount increases. Regardless of the quantity of marijuana you are accused of possessing, an intelligent lawyer will actively defend you. Illinois marijuana laws are strict, and he will have to fight and defend every case in court until they are changed. For a free legal consultation and case review on any marijuana possession accusation in Illinois, call an experienced Illinois defense attorney.

Confront The Search:

Many individuals are amazed at how frequently the police violate appropriate protocol. Without a warrant, you cannot be stopped or searched for no reason.

Possession Of A Challenge:

Just because something was near you, or even in your car or house, doesn’t indicate it was yours or that you were aware of its presence. You could claim that it may have belonged to someone else if friends accompanied you. Other things you may do in court to prevent a criminal conviction are frequently available.

The primary purpose of most marijuana possession defenses is to prevent a lifelong criminal record that might follow you for the rest of your life, affecting your profession and future possibilities in ways you never imagined. For many people, it makes sense to have felony marijuana charges dropped in return for drug education, treatment programs, or other innovative alternatives.

Offenses And Penalties For Marijuana Distribution And Manufacturing:

Even if the drug in question was for personal use, the way it was packed or the inclusion of everyday home objects might result in more severe penalties. You can contest any marijuana violation with the intent to distribute the drug and argue that you should reduce the charges to simple possession right away. 

Although Illinois is one of the places that has legalized various forms of marijuana for recreational use, there are still some limitations. Illegal marijuana possession or selling carries penalties ranging from civil liability to a felony. Suppose you’ve been charged with a marijuana felony. In that case, you should speak with an attorney who specializes in drug crimes, such as Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC, to learn more about the charges you’re facing, any viable defenses or choices, and the consequences of your case.

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