New Cosmetic Services in 2020

We usher 2020 in with the knowledge that there are endless technological breakthroughs to be made. The cosmetic industry is no exception to this, with an array of new technologies being invented every single day. From wrinkle prevention to smile improvement, here are just a few new services being offered and improved upon in 2020:

  1. Botox. Aside from covering up fine lines and wrinkles, Botox has a host of other uses. Many people swear by Botox injections to keep their excessive sweating at bay. Others use Botox as a preventative measure, stopping the wrinkles from even forming in the first place. The list of uses for Botox is growing rapidly, making it more popular and less costly. There’s also a high chance that many insurance companies will cover the cost of a Botox injection, depending on the procedure.
  1. Scalp micropigmentation. Also known as SMP, scalp micropigmentation is a popular way to cover up hair loss. The artist carrying out the procedure carefully applies thousands of small ink deposits all over the client’s scalp to mimic the appearance of their real hair. In addition, SMP can be used to even out facial hair, eliminating any patchiness or bald spots. Artists at the Manchester Academy are some of the most-well trained professionals in this area.
  1. Fewer tanning beds. The more people learn about tanning beds, the less that they want to use them. Granted they are safer now than they have ever been, but they still carry a lot of risks with them. While these won’t be going away just yet, they are expected to decline in popularity within the next few years. 

More and more people are turning to spray tans to achieve an all-over, bronzed look. Better formulation and application techniques make it so it’s incredibly difficult to leave the salon a scary shade of orange. They’re even working to minimize that oh-so familiar smell of a spray tan! 

Other people are embracing their natural skin tone, choosing to avoid fake tans altogether.

  1. Better teeth. Teeth-whitening treatments are notorious for being expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous. Traditional methods involve harsh light and abrasive chemicals that strip away the tooth’s enamel, increasing the risk for cavities and other long-term issues. New techniques make it so the exposure to these chemicals is minimized, allowing for less damage to the teeth. This may also prove to be cost-effective as the dentist won’t be occupied with the procedure for so long.

Treatments to correct crooked teeth or bite issues are also improving each day. New corrective procedures make it so there’s no need for a permanent retainer, or years of painful braces. Veneers are becoming more inexpensive to make, saving the person purchasing hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

With rapid innovations and cost-cutting techniques being made worldwide, it’s still too early to even guess what comes next in the cosmetic industry. But, with what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say we’re in for a treat. 

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