Types of Short Hair

If you’re looking to make the big cut, chances are that you’ve already done some thinking about which haircut would be best for you. Still, if you feel like you might need some inspiration, here are a few haircuts that are perfect for anyone looking to chop off their locks.

  • A bob

A bob hits just above the shoulders, and the slightly longer “lob” hits right around the collarbone. Bobs are commonly styled with bangs, but that’s completely up to the individual. Both of these hairstyles are great for anyone who wants short hair that still has movement. Most bobs can still be curled or straightened, which is perfect for someone who wants both short hair and versatility.

  • A mohawk

Mohawks are great ways to show off your personality without  keeping too much hair. As long as the sides are bare, mohawks can have any length of hair in the middle and still look incredible. These tend to require upkeep to keep the sides bare and the middle style, but mohawks are worth the effort.

  • A shaved head

A shaved head is the most extreme end of things. Going from longer hair to a bare scalp can be invigorating, leaving you feeling like a new person!

If you want to maintain some hair up top, Scalp Artist International, located in Denver, CO, USA, recommends scheduling a scalp micropigmentation appointment after shaving. Scalp micropigmentation evens out the scalp and provides a denser, more natural look to any shaved head. In addition to this, it can hide any patchy areas that might have formed as a result of hair loss. If you’re chopping your hair off in response to thinning hair or premature balding, scalp micropigmentation is the final, must-have step to completing your transformation. If you’re in the United Kingdom, we recommend Scalp Micro UK: https://www.scalpmicro.uk/what-is-smp/

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